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    Plan and smart-schedule from one centralized portal


    Compare returns & scenarios

    Analyze project profitability for different scenarios while considering different vehicles, chargers and energy assets.


    Size battery storage

    Build high-IRR assets by designing for flexibility, decrease electricity expenses and avoid expensive grid upgrades.


    Manage smart assets

    Accelerate your time-to-market, then administer your charging and distributed renewable energy networks in real-time


    Compare returns and scenarios

    Charging infrastructure planning is a guessing game.


    Companies waste humongous amounts of time on estimating returns, without being able to holistically compare all scenarios.


    Tomsawyer allows you to easily assess different options for financial viability and communicate customer benefits.

  • SIZE

    Size battery storage and solar

    Sizing approaches are obsolete.


    Teams use tools that often miss the whole picture around net-revenue maximization, real-world performance and granularity.


    Tomsawyer provides the most accurate sizing of battery storage through granular optimizations that unlocks previously inaccessible value from your distributed energy assets.


    Manage smart assets

    Smart management is more than real-time monitoring.


    Companies spend massive dollar and time budgets to get their management systems up and ready, yet lack the right optimizations.


    Tomsawyer delivers smart scheduling by leveraging on high-frequency simulations in real-time.

  • Plan & manage from one centralized platform.

  • 400+


    > 5GW




  • Megawatts Engineering

    Tomsawyer’s technology helped us clearly understand the long-term techno-economics of distributed energy asset and sensitivities with respect to configuration changes. They were very collaborative and provided efficient and highly professional support.
    Andrew Koh, Managing Director


    “As an E-Mobility company, we want to make sure that we are evaluating every opportunity in the best way possible without spending lot of time to extract data and smash it all together in excel. Tomsawyer helps create a visual understanding of the potential value before we deploy EVs and charging stations, thereby saving me time and energy, which is extremely valuable for fast moving companies like ours. Tomsawyer allowed my team to be more autonomous and better own the process for project originations and communicating electrification benefits to our stakeholders.
    Larry Lim, President Director, Oyika Indonesia

    BBCO Energy

    Tomsawyer has been very professional and very dedicated to the work delivering to BBCO Energy. Tomsawyer delivered its advisory service in timely manner, with high responsibility, and caring about customer's problems. I do believe, Tomsawyer will add very good value to its partners/customers by delivering their high quality of work.
    Dr. Loc Nguyen, CEO

    Primech A&P

    “Tomsawyer provided highly comprehensive assessment helping transform our fleet strategy towards a more sustainable one. Tomsawyer helps create a visual understanding of the potential value of vehicle electrification specific to our needs and goals.
    Gary Lim, Manager, Innovations & Technology
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