Advanced solar and EV
transition platform

Advanced solar and EV
transition platform

Get higher returns from your solar, battery storage and EV charging projects. A unified platform powered by predictive analytics and high-frequency energy data.

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Compare EV fleet transition scenarios and build projects smoothly.

Speed up your energy transition without sacrificing accuracy and decrease soft costs. Consider different EVs, chargers, electricity options, and build your assets with ease.

Enhance your planning & operations with time-series energy data.

Build high-IRR solar PV, battery storage and hybrid RE assets by designing for long-term profitability. Leverage on machine learning to improve value capture during operations.

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Smartly transition to EVs and save electricity costs.

Easily transition to EV fleets and run sustainable charging operations. Keep track of your EV charging and expand your business.

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Compare Fleets

The rise in EVs challenges companies to make the most of their fleet and charging infra investments.

Comparing different scenarios, vehicles, chargers, and business models for EV charging infrastructure and EVs is unnecessarily time-consuming and cumbersome.

Compare Fleets allows you to investigate and optimize the financial returns with granular details, easily compare total cost of ownership for EV and ICE vehicles and sell your charging solution with confidence.


Timeseries Energy

As renewable energy projects are becoming more hybrid, there is a lack of high-quality data that reflects real world performance.

Engineering teams are missing out on high-frequency energy data based simulations with high accuracy for rapid decision-making and more profitable investments.

Timeseries Energy allows accurate planning of hybrid RE assets with high-frequency data based energy calculations. For operational assets, Timeseries enables better forecasting and scheduling.


Smartly transition
to EV fleets

Easily transition to EV fleets and run sustainable charging operations. Make better energy deals.

Why Tomsawyer?

A fully integrated suite of advanced solar and EV transition solutions to power data-driven decision-making and smart operations.

De-risk your energy investment

Invest with high confidence through accurate insights powered by market and climate intelligent models. Reduce soft costs and eliminate wasted efforts.

Communicate electrification benefits

Get everyone on board by easily communicating electrification benefits through high-quality visualisations. Update scenario results in real-time to get buy-ins and build the best project.

Get freedom from high electricity bills

Avoid hurting your bottom line due to high electricity bills related to EV charging. Take advantage of cheaper renewables and time-of-day pricing.

Capture more value from battery operations

Leverage on machine learning and high-resolution energy data to capture more value and automatically schedule your battery storage operations smartly.

“ Tomsawyer’s technology helped us clearly understand the long-term techno-economics of distributed energy asset and sensitivities with respect to configuration changes. They were very collaborative and provided efficient and highly professional support.”
Andrew Koh,
Managing Director
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Andrew Koh,