Next-Generation Solar+Storage Optimization which leads to
high RoI assets

Get comprehensive results for accurate decision-making and smart operations for profitable investments in solar PV, battery storage and hybrid renewables.

solar energy data.

Best-in-class high-frequency data based energy optimizations for solar+storage, hybrid renewables and smart EV charging.

Realize greater value for your solar & hybrid RE assets via location-specific plant configuration optimization.

Accurately predict long-term generation to ensure high-confidence investments.

Increase battery storage lifetime and profitability.

We develop software and APIs for flexible renewables

One platform to operate EV charging and on-site solar+storage.

Build truly sustainable EV charging stations by connecting solar PV and battery storage, where it makes economic sense.

Avoid expensive grid upgrades by taking advantage of smart charging and optimal energy dispatch.

Help keep lights on during moments of high energy demand.

Shape the value of energy storage assets.

Optimal sizing and value-stacking drive return on storage investment.

Energy companies and utilities use tools that often miss the whole picture around real-world performance and net-revenue maximization of grid-interactive storage.

Tomsawyer allows for accurate sizing and sophisticated operational planning of storage aimed at improving net benefits.

Improved value capture in energy flexibility markets.

Balancing power demand and supply is critical for virtual power plants and smart grids.

Inaccurate demand response or renewables variability insights can lead to losses when participating in flexibility markets.

Upgrade your scheduling & dispatch system with Tomsawyer’s high-frequency data engine to win the flexibility markets.