Compare EV fleets, assess returns of charging investment, communicate easily

Power your electrification mission with Tomsawyer’s intuitive analytics, real-time market data and side-by-side comparison of scenarios.

EV transition

Compare different EV transition options with the latest market data.

Integrated battery & energy intelligence

Boost confidence by using accurate battery and energy insights.

Enable high-confidence decisions by automatically considering electricity flow from charger to EV battery, local grid limits and different EV groups.


EV and charger specific models

Accurately model fleet charging impacts to know everything that might happen in advance.


Battery-centric analysis

Robust battery model to consider weather and environment impacts on EV range and battery health.


Choose the right EV fleet and charging strategy

Analyze business models with varying complexities

Automate comparing RoIs

A solution that works for the whole EV ecosystem

For CPOs

Automate your financial analysis and sell with confidence

For fleet owners

Check the sensitivity of your TCO to different options while making decisions.

For OEMs

Close sales by helping your prospects visualize the RoI

For consultants

Enrich your reports with different scenarios of vehicles, chargers and business models